Jolly roger


The Jolly Roger is a highly-styled online slot game. Based on a pub game of the same name, it is essentially an online version of the Caribbean-based pirate simulator game. In the early days, this online slot game was developed and released for the MS Windows operating system using an application programming interface (API). Since then, various different versions of the Jolly Roger have been released for different operating systems, most of which are based on the Silverlight technology.

The latest version, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Jolly Roger” is based on a new license, which is the same as that of the popular PC game of the same name. The new release has a much more authentic pirate theme, as opposed to other versions of the game that were based on cartoon characters or basic black and white images. It also features a comprehensive database of items used by the fictional pirate captain, namely: pistols, swords, crossbows, crossbones and skull rings.

In order to play this slot machine, you need to download the free software application from its website (known as the casinos tab application – or online slot provider software in some places). Once the application is installed, you will be able to access a special “office” that has many slots including the popular “jackpot” slot, which pays out a maximum of $10k. The jackpot amount is doubled if your score is high enough – hence you can be sure of winning this large jackpot! Apart from this, there are many other bonus features in the current version of the Jolly Roger, which will help you increase your bankroll: