Teddy bears picnic


Teddy bears picnic is one of many online slot games that can be played free. This particular game has an interesting background. For the purpose of clarity the history of this online slot game is somewhat vague. In fact, no one really knows when the first bear-shaped slot machine came on the scene. However, the events that followed are important to Slot Machine Mystery fans and Teddy Bears collectors.

BASICS. A simple video slot game, Teddy Bears Picnic follows the same basic rules that other video slot games have. The object is to simply get all of the teddy bears into various sitting positions on the slot machine’s platform without letting them fall off. The background is composed of a few trees, a few bears having a peaceful picnic, and several spinning wheels in the center background.

Completing all of the levels earns you a score and it’s that score that determines whether or not you continue playing. Prizes are given to both players who complete all levels and those who collect all the different prize boxes. A total of eight free spins is all it takes to complete this bonus game. It is simple and fun. With a little extra work, you could try to get a special prize.