Vikings go berzerk


Vikings Go Berzerk is an exciting and thrilling online slot game developed by Yggdrasil Gaming Network. The free slot game that was released on 23rd November last year avails an impressive 5-player package with a total of twenty-five paylines. In this slot game, you as the player are going to be returning to the Viking civilization where you are going to embark on an incredible adventure as you battle your way through the enemy and take back the hoard of gold that you have gained over a period of time. As a warrior in this civilization you are supposed to fight and face adversity. The combat takes place on a square grid, which has been divided into seven parts. You are supposed to attack the squares that are occupied by the opposing tribe’s warriors and win them over using your warriors as well as your bombs that have been provided to you by the gods.

There are two modes in Vikings Go Berzerk that you can choose from. One is the single player mode where you have to eliminate all the tiles without getting hit and the other mode is the multiplayer mode in which you as the player is pitted against other players who have the similar attributes as yours in the culture. Here, the game takes a turn based approach and you are given a limited amount of time that you must utilize wisely to nip your opponents in the bud and make your move to reach to the final round. In the multiplayer mode, the same rules apply to the single player mode. In either of these modes, as the Vikings go Berzerk bonus features, you as the player need to select the right strategies to nip your enemies away and win over the bonus points that are there in the game.

The mechanics of the game work on the basic principle of chance and luck. Whenever you draw or buy a tile, it randomly places it in the middle of the Vikings’ board. When you place a tile, it randomly generates a number which is dependent on the strength of the draw, the strength of the color and the volatility of that particular tile. When you draw a tile, the volatility increases and vice versa when you buy a tile. Thus, the more you play the game, the higher will be the chances of ending with more than one result out of the total number of tiles drawn and the more will be the volatility of each of these tiles.