Wild north


Wild North is a new online slot game that comes with 40 high-quality pay-lines and five reels for online slot gaming. The whole theme of this online slot machine is inspired by the wild north. Each reel is placed in the forest against the beautiful backdrop of wide-open pine trees covered in colorful pine needles.

Animal symbols on the payline replace typical icons like “jack”, “bob”, etc. to add more natural and realistic look to the game. This is done to give a completely different feel to the game and is said to be one of the factors that make the Wild North slot machines popular among online slot players. While playing Wild North, one can win cash prizes or can get gifts from the bonus feature in the machine.

The main objective of Wild North is to earn money by spinning reels. However, to do that, one must first choose the winning number and then line it up on the reels. Once you have completed all the lines, you will earn money and receive prizes from the jackpot icons on the reel. There are many other icons that can be used to increase your earnings while playing Wild North. Some of these include “power” icon, which increases your earning by giving extra credits per line won and “reward points” that gives additional money when winning.